Hi!  I am Tina and I am delighted to be part of the HER Spiritual and Self-Love Online Summit. I have been a superwoman member of Her Business Revolution for almost two years and am delighted to be one of the featured experts and part of this amazing group led by Serena.  It is life changing to be part of a networking group where women encourage and support one another and this Online Summit is a great opportunity for us to share our knowledge and experience to support other women on their journey.  Please read on to take part in my Self-Love Challenge!

One of my main roles is as a mentor to awakening women who wish to live a more heart centred life and self-love is fundamental to having a life you love where you experience a greater level of peace even during life's ups and downs and let's face it over the past year or so there have been many!  


With busy lives, many women are juggling being self employed or running a business, home schooling, taking care of a home and many other things in their daily lives.  This makes it very easy to become ungrounded without realising it as you move from one task to another.  This may leave you feeling unable to make a clear decision, tired or drained, being busy but not achieving anything and more.  It can leave you feeling anything but love for yourself and changing this is the first step to greater self-love.  When you take time out to ground yourself the benefits may include more; clarity, peace and resilience.  

There are simple ways of grounding yourself which include; spending time in nature each day, feeling your feet firmly on the ground, taking some slow deep breathes and consciously connecting to the earth beneath your feet whilst being in the present moment, a quiet or mindful walk or doing an activity such as dancing to bring you fully into your body.  Below is a short and simple grounding meditation, which I hope you enjoy and find helpful.  Here is the meditation in PDF format Grounding Meditation


When your inner critic kicks in it is good to catch yourself and change your thoughts into something more positive and there are many ways to do this.  Something you can draw on whenever needed is to use positive affirmations. Do you find yourself feeling responsible when things don’t go well, apologising even if something is not your fault, looking in the mirror and only focusing on perceived flaws or berating yourself for not being good enough in some way.  If this resonate with you then you will benefit from using positive affirmations.

No matter where you are or what you are doing you can say affirmations either in your head or aloud or have them written down somewhere near for when we need a reminder.  Please click on the MP3 below to learn more about how to do this and to join me in using some affirmations for self-love.  Here is the PDF document for Developing a Self-Love Habit with Affirmations

Challenge 1 Grounding.mp3


Learning to listen to your intuition so that you can make empowered decisions and choices from the heart and a place of self-love helps you live with more ease and flow.  By learning to discern what feels good to your soul and what does not ensures that when life has twists and turns you are more able to clearly hear your intuition, which enables you to feel clearer about the choices you make.  

Here is a simple exercise you can use to hear your intuition more clearly, as with the first 2 steps of the challenge, the more you practice these steps the easier and more natural they will become and they will form part of your self-love tool kit.  Here is the PDF document for Connecting to Your Intuition

Step 2 Self-Love Affirmations.mp3

Step 3 Connecting to Your Intuition.mp3


Thank you for taking part in this Self-Love challenge and I hope you have found it helpful.  By regularly taking care of your energy and being grounded, developing positive self talk through affirmations and connecting to your intuition you are truly showing yourself greater self-love. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have and will impact every other relationship you have so love yourself no matter what, you deserve it! Love Tina

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