Crystal Grids for Distance Healing

I qualified as a Crystal Therapist in 2008 and my passion for crystals has continued to grow. Crystals have the ability to change the energy in our home or to provide the healing we need be that mind, body or spirit.  They bring colour and beauty into our lives and each have their own unique vibration.  Animals and people are drawn to crystals and subconsciously the crystal they feel most drawn to is linked to the healing properties of that particular crystal and what the individual needs at that time.

I am now pleased to offer Crystal Grid Distance Healing for animals and people worldwide.  The grids will use one type of crystal and focus on your chosen area, bringing balance, support and insights. I will tune it to the energy of the person or animal and choose the crystals intuitively. Once you have paid for the crystal grid, paypal link below, please e-mail me a clear photo of the animal or person you would like the grid to work for, please show the face clearly in the photo.  The grid will run for one week and during that time it will be re-charged, I will also add the loving support of Reiki to the grid too.  Some of the crystals I will be choosing from are: 

Amazonite (Green) ~ Amber (orange) ~ Amethyst (purple) ~ Blood Stone (dark green with red spots) ~ Carnelian (red/orange) ~ Angelite (pale blue) ~ Howlite (white) ~Rose Quartz (pale pink) ~ Clear Quartz (clear) ~ Smokey Quartz (brown)~ Sodalite (dark blue) ~ Tigers Eye (brown/gold) and Black Tourmaline (black).  

After you have processed your paypal payment below, please e-mail a photograph to together with the name of the person or animal, the area you wish to focus healing on or if preferred, I will choose intuitively for you. 


Distance Crystal Healing Grid

£ 8.00 

Distance crystal healing grid for one person or animal for a one week period.

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