Distance Reiki ~ Love knows no bounds

A beautiful peace fills my therapy room as a distance Reiki treatment unfolds, the energy expands and I feel uplifted and grounded, completely connected to the Universe and everyone and everything in it.  Part of my preparation is setting my intention to be Reiki with the animal or person and they may choose exactly what they need at that moment in time as their higher self or heart self  leads the way.  Reiki goes to where it is needed most, be that mind, body or spirit, and it is always perfect.

My clients may be in the next town, many miles away or even in a different country, all that is needed is for them to be open to Reiki, for people this consists of sitting or lying in a comfortable position and setting a powerful intention to receive Reiki for their highest good and then simply relaxing and enjoying the treatment in the comfort of their own home.  Animal clients such as dogs and cats generally lie down and often sleep, taking an occasional Reiki breathe, a very deep slow breathe that is noticeable to their guardian and often commented upon in follow up e-mails.  This relaxed state can last the duration of the treatment and sometimes after it has finished as they continue to bask in the beautiful Reiki space of love and compassion.  One client told me that her rabbit had started to grind her teeth at the end of the session, which she assured me is a sign of pleasure.  If there are other people and animals in the household they also tend to feel more relaxed and benefit from their fellow animal or persons session too.  Both people and animals should have plenty of fresh water available after a treatment as there may be increased thirst and it is beneficial to keep well hydrated.

People experience Reiki in different ways, I remember the first time I experienced Reiki was during a reflexology treatment, the therapist was also a Reiki Practitioner and the Reiki flowed naturally and was the most incredibly powerful whoosh of energy from my feet along my entire body.  Many people just feel deeply relaxed, experience some gentle pressure, heat or tingling on a certain area or their body or they may see colours while their eyes are closed, some may fall asleep and do not wake until the end of the treatment.  There is no right way to experience Reiki and it is unique for each one of us and always divinely guided.  

A distance treatment last around 45 minutes and if you are able to have some quiet time afterwards it is preferable although not essential.  This is often the same for your animal, although some animals will have increased energy and want to play and celebrate life exuberantly or show you more affection.  There are no set rules and each animal has their own Reiki experience.  Reiki is love and compassion and I truly believe we can all benefit from the peace it brings.  Love and Reiki Blessings Tina

To book a Distance Reiki Treatment, please do contact me on tinaread@ymail.com.