Leaving our animals with a friend, pet sitter or at a cattery of kennels can be a stressful time for both us and our animal family and this is something that many of my clients speak to me about.  Whichever option you choose, here are some tips that I trust will help you and your animal to have a more relaxed time apart.

Tell your animals you will be going away and let them know how long you will be apart.  I find the easiest way to do this is by counting the number of nights and referring to them as sleeps.  Even if you feel silly say it out loud to them or in your mind.  Also tell them know how much you love them and that you will connect with them while you are away.

To ensure that your time apart is as easy as possible for your animal make sure that as much of their routine remains unchanged, this is obviously easier if they are staying in the family home. This could include; the same walk, food and feeding times, toys, terms of affection, bowls, hay net etc.  If they are in a boarding kennel or cattery let them know the routine.

Familiar Scents
I always recommend that you put an item of clothing, which has been warn a number of times; a night shirt or t-shirt is perfect for this, place it in your pet's bed or near their bed if they are at home.  This ensures that they have the comforting scent of their human with them even when you are not physically there and it gives them comfort.

Say Goodnight
Each night before you go to sleep close your eyes, visualise or intend to connect to your animal, and say goodnight to them while sending your love.  Focus on your heart centre, the middle of your chest, and send love from your heart to theirs, you can imagine this love as light, colour or even as a cord of pure love that connects you to one another.  Telling them how many more sleeps/nights until you will be together again can also provide reassurance.  Trust the connection even if you do not feel anything or if it feels like you are making it up.

See your animal having a happy time with all their needs being met and exceeded.  Imagine your reunion and how happy your pet is to see you having had a good time while you were apart.

Be Positive
Keep your mindset positive at all times, fear is simply false evidence appearing real!  Remember this and let go of any worries.  If you are prone to worrying then spend a few minutes being mindful and allow your worries float away if you are able to.  The Bach flower essence Red Chestnut is good for supporting this as it works on over concern for others, if you take this flower essence for the week before you go away and while you are away it will provide you with gentle support.  Another flower essence that may be beneficial for your pet is Walnut as it gives protection from change.  There is plenty of information on the internet about flower essences for animals should you wish to explore this option further.

Be Love
Send love to your animal whenever you think about them, place your left hand over your heart and put your right hand on top of your left hand and focus on love and the joy you feel when you are together.  

Remember to have a great holiday!