It really is a gift to be able to share meditation with your animal family and it is something we can all do and I really mean that.  When you mention meditation so many people say “I can’t do it, my mind is so busy”.  Most people who meditate have thoughts while we are meditating even those who have been practising for many years.  All we have to do is to be present to these thoughts, acknowledge them and allow them to float away like clouds across the sky and bring our attention gently back to our breath.  The more we meditate the more natural it becomes, even five minutes of meditation a day brings benefits for you and your animals and most of us would like to experience more peace in our life.

Sometimes I sit upstairs with my cats and share an early morning meditation, as soon as I get to the landing they have expectant looks on their faces and usually jump on the bed in anticipation of a meditation session unfolding.  Before long they are on their backs, leg in the air and purring their little socks off, it is safe to say they enjoy the peaceful space meditation creates.  I often hear relaxed sighs coming from downstairs where the dogs are also enjoying the benefits of the deep relaxation it brings as they congregate at the bottom of the stairs. 

Here are some simple meditations that you can try with your own animals.

Heart Meditation

My go to meditation to share with my animals is a heart centre meditation.  To start with I take three or four slow deep grounding breaths into my stomach and slowly breath out and once I feel centred and present I bring my attention to my heart centre in the middle of my chest.  I step into the feeling of love, love for my animals, love for this precious moment with them and the blessings we share.  The feeling of love comes naturally when you are thinking of your animal and you can next expand the feeling of love you have for them outwards and then filling the room.  You can then take it a step further and visualise the entire house and garden filling with love and spreading across the earth to wherever and to whomever needs love and compassion.  If I choose to meditate with one of my animals in particular for peace and wellbeing I sometimes visualise a light in their heart centre too and see the light from my heart to theirs meeting and expanding.  When I am in this space if my mind wanders I simply bring it back to my breath and the love I have for my animals.  When you try this, stay in the space for five or ten minutes to start with and build it up to longer when you feel ready, you and your pets will reap rewards from sharing this loving space together.

If you try this meditation and you do not find it easy to feel the love instead intend or imagine the love flowing outwards.

Walking Mindfulness Meditation

A great way to start the day is with a walking meditation with you dog, it is easier if you are somewhere you do not need to think about traffic or too many people and other dogs but perhaps there are sections you could use the mindfulness mediation on even if you are unable to do it for the whole route.  To start with focus on your breathing, notice how your feet feel as they touch the ground beneath you, experience the breeze on your face, the smell of the flowers and bird song around you, you may notice the sound of your dog’s paws trotting along beside you.  If thoughts enter your head just notice them and allow them to drift away returning your gentle focus to your breath and the feeling of your feet on the ground below you.  The more often you practice mindfulness the easier it becomes and it certainly sets you up for the day ahead.

If you practice meditation already no doubt your animals have already been drawn to be with you when you sit in that quiet space connecting with your heart.

We can all meditate, it just take a little dedication and trust.  Happy meditating!