Kundalini Reiki as a healing system deepens our connection to our true self, Mother Earth and all of nature. The foundation of Kundalini Reiki is self healing and self development and it is suitable for all levels of healing experience from complete beginners to those with experience in other healing systems.  In essence it is the same as other healing systems but there are no symbols and the rituals differ.

We are all made up of universal energy as are the trees, oceans, animals and birds and all of life, everyone and everyone and everything carries energy.  Kundalini is life force energy, prana or chi, and when we work with Kundalini Reiki we are a channel for this energy to go to where it is needed most in ourselves or those we share healing with.  The energy will be drawn to where it is needed most.  A good analogy of this is to imagine throwing water over a road with pot holes, the water will settle in the pot holes.

Kundalini is energy that resides at the base of our spine and can be stimulated to move upwards through the chakras until it reaches the crown.

It is not usual for a student to have felt a definite pull towards learning Kundalini Reiki at the perfect time and when Kundalini Reiki is the healing system most aligned with their energy.  They may even experience synchronicities reinforcing this and nature often plays its part.

Kundalini Reiki supports the individual in developing and or deepening their relationship with their higher self, the voice of the soul. This is an important part of the process and enables healing work to come from a place of love and for the highest good of all whilst honouring themselves.

Spending regular time in nature supports the Kundalini Reiki journey as does increased levels of self care, truly listening to what the individual needs  Creative tasks form an important part of the journey as they work alongside the healing energy on the self discovery and healing journey. 

Kundalini Reiki becomes part of you once you are attuned to it are and is always there to support your life journey assisting you to live life more in alignment with your personal truth and mission.