Over the past couple of weeks I have spent more time than is usual att my desk working on animal related projects.  During this time I have had my own four pawed support team with me.  There have been moments when I have looked up from my computer to see all four cats and dogs in the office, which has made me smile and opened my heart wider, their loyalty and love is unending.  Often I am aware they are adding their own magic to my words, prompting me to think about something differently, encouraging me to take a break by initiating playtime, which usually consists of throwing a ball at me or in the case of the cats pouncing on one of the plants or sitting on any available paperwork. Even Sid the rooster contributes a well-timed doodle or two, which is easy to hear with the windows open.

Animals so often prompt us to look at things in our lives from another perspective, however, we may not always realise that is what they are doing.  They certainly encourage us to take time out when we need it and are perhaps ignoring our own inner knowing.  They remind us to keep in balance and initiate time outdoors at the perfect time to refresh and re-energise both them and us, all we need to do is we acknowledge their wisdom.  I find the presence of my animals and the wild birds outside while I am working brings me joy and inspires me in so many ways.

Each day I give thanks for my beautiful animals, their presence in my life, which I will never take it for granted.  I ensure I take regular snap shots in my mind of the happy times we share, perhaps some of which may seem ordinary to someone else.  Sharing our lives with these amazing souls is a privilege we are blessed with, our animals love and accept us unconditionally, each one has a unique character and attributes that make them perfect and special.  Our relationships with our animals are all different and to be cherished.  Many animals are here to add love, magic and often healing to their family’s lives, be they animal or human.  Sometimes it is clear to see the role an animal plays in their family unit, some make their humans laugh with amusing antics when their life’s challenges appear, others provide physical healing whenever a loved one is feeling unwell, cats may sit directly on the affected area and dogs will regularly lie on their person’s feet or against their animal friend if they are not well.  Perhaps you feel doubt about a decision you are making and catch sight of your animal looking into your eyes and you immediately feel better and have the courage to make a step forwards.  Even the animals who come into our lives for a short while often bring us many gifts.  We may even have to experiences loss and heart break but perhaps that leads to us becoming more compassionate once we have healed enough we may even be able to be there for others to love and support them in their own difficult times.  I am so grateful to my many animal teachers over the years and the gifts each one has gifted me.  What a blessing to share a planet with so many loving and compassionate animals, who teach us so much about unconditional love. 

Please join me in lighting a candle for the Animal Kingdom and thank them for the many gifts they bring.  You may also like to read the animal prayer.  http://www.animaltranquillity.co.uk/animal-prayer.php