Over the years I have occasionally posted about my great friends Andy Murray and Scampling, part of the Feline Care Cat Rescue family. Sadly a week ago Andy Murray passed away after a short illness. He spent his final days with the family he loved, including Molly and Scampling, and was peaceful. When I first met Andy he would quite inconsiderately use my jeans as a scratch post before he settled down for his Reiki and slept. He was a foodie and enjoyed his treats and catnip toys too. He also had a thing for feathers but that is another story! Andy and Scampling were devoted to and adored one another. I remember so clearly sitting down one morning to write my monthly column for Catworld magazine back in July 2017, Prince was playing in the background and rather than writing what I had planned I wrote about Andy Murray and Scampling. Prince seemed like the right backdrop music for these two quirky and amazing characters and there was so much to say about them both! Last year I took a wooden herb planter for them with some of his favourites, he was delighted and hopped straight in focusing on the nepeta cataria or cat nip! In true Andy style he went on to repurpose the planter when he had enjoyed the herbs. So remembering a truly amazing feline Andy Murray, who has left paw prints on my heart and many others, much gratitude for his physical presence in my life and the knowing he is only ever a loving thought away. Thinking of Molly and everyone at FCCR and extra love and healing to Scampling.