Of course it is normal if we experience a myriad of emotions and at times are off balance in these unprecedented times.  Here are some simple ways of bringing yourself back to your centre and ultimately love, which will not only benefit you but your animal family too.  Introduce into your daily routine at least ten minutes outside in your garden, making sure you are wrapped up warmly, sit on the ground with a cushion or two as needed. Have your back fully supported and focus on breathing deeply and slowly into your tummy. With each breathe imagine your body sinking into and connecting more deeply with Mother Earth.  Repeat this for ten minutes of more and enjoy the feeling of peace it brings as you let you of outside distractions.  If thoughts enter your mind just notice them and imagine them floating away like a leaf floating away on a gentle stream. This clears your energy, grounds you and increases oxygen intake as naturally we may only take shallow breaths.  You may find your animals sit or lie with you or seek out your company after you have finished this simple meditation exercise. They feel the peaceful energy emanating from you as you relax more deeply with each breath.   Please note that this can also be done inside your home if it is not possible for you to go outside and even seated on a chair if sitting on the ground or floor is not possible for you. Remember to open a window to benefit from some fresh air.

If you find you have extra time at the moment try some mindful grooming, which many dogs and other animals will enjoy. Focus on your connection of love you have with your animal and visualise love flowing from your heart to theirs while you are doing it. You may wish to imagine this as white or pink light, sparkles or just trust the energy of love is flowing between you. Alternatively, you can trust that love is being transferred between you with each brush stroke.

If you feel your energy being drawn into fear another easy way to redirect this feeling is to light a candle, I use unscented tea lights, set your clear intention from your hear, that place of pure love within you, to light the way for the animals and people who need it right now.

The last thing we focus on before we go to sleep each day sets us up for our entire nights sleep. Have you tried mindfully going through all the things you are grateful for in your head or even writing them down on paper or in a journal? You could choose; events, animals and people from the day, even the smallest positives on a difficult day will help change your energy.  You may find your animal family are always top of the list, mine certainly are! You prefer to go through your blessings as a simple checklist in your mind or make it into more of a meditation by breathing deeply to relax and centre yourself and going through your list slowly, reverently and mindfully. If you find you fall asleep the first option may work better for you.

Wishing you and your animals calm and peace through these changing times.