Over the last year or so I have been blessed to work with two amazing horses and in each case their guardians were guided to contact me as a result of their advanced years and diminishing health.  The day I met Ginny I knew that my life would change as a result, I sensed that she would choose how and if she accepted Reiki and she would be in charge.  Animals always guide us during a healing session but there was a quiet authority about Ginny and she made it clear from the offset how wise she was and could teach me a thing or two. 

Before the Reiki treatment started, her guardian and I decided that she would be most comfortable in her yard and loose so that she could decide if she wanted to be near to me or at a distance, I was assured she had a calm disposition and so I stood at the edge or the yard standing against the fence by the gate and went into meditation with her guardians near me.  It was a truly beautiful healing session and Ginny accepted the healing energy and seemed to outwardly enjoy the experience, chewing, licking and standing in a relaxed pose, there were times when she put her face in my hands and I knew she was bestowing a great honour upon me. Looking back I realise I was there for the humans, which is often the case, but Ginny knew that she was coming towards the end of her time with them and wanted to give them the gift of acceptance and time to adjust.  She knew how much she was loved and how difficult it would be for them to be without her.  I was blessed to visit her over the last few months of her life on a number of occasions,  One day when I was walking our dogs, quite unexpectedly I felt a strong connection to Ginny, a powerful wave of love and gratitude, which I automatically returned along with some healing.  Something told me she was goodbye.  I messaged her family to say that I had felt a beautiful connection to their beloved mare, I did not mention that I sensed she had passed to spirit, but that I felt a beautiful connection and sent love to her at that moment.  When I received a message back it was confirmed that it was around the time she passed and that her young guardian had said a moment before "Tina is with us."  It really did not surprise me as he was very in tune with the energy shared at those Reiki sessions but how incredibly special that I was included in such a precious moment in time.  Ginny had given one last parting gift, her family were in no doubt that she was ready to go and that we were connected in that moment and it gave them some level of comfort.
A few months later I was called to see another mare, the same colouring and a similar age, once again with age related health issues.  The moment I opened up the Reiki meditation Ginny popped into my head as if to say remember our time together and what I taught you.  Again I knew I was there for the family and this time it was human and equine.  Our animals truly want us to feel peace when they pass and Reiki support them at times of change, illnes and in their senior years including during the last few months, weeks or days of an animal's lives with their family.  It works well alongside veterinary care and I always work with the Vets permission.  There were many more happy months for this incredible mare, who rallied after her first treatment.  However, once again after a number of months I sensed when her time was near.  The magical blessing is that she shared extra time with her family and they felt a sense of peace around her passing as they had the time they needed to adjust and make sure that everything was communicated by the heart, the true language of love.  Healing occurred on many levels and over those months another horse arrived who was to need their help and the help of this senior mare.  Her parting gift was to show this youngster the ropes and that life could be a blessing even after a challenging start.  She taught her to trust.  

It is not always possible for us to have time to prepare for our animal's to pass but sometimes there are simply things that need to be healed or brought up to the light before it is their time to go.  Whatever the circumstances are around an animals passing, they all truly wish for their family to know how much they loved them and still do, that is the overriding message that always comes through, love and compassion from them to us. 

There is no such thing as just an animal, they all have so much to teach us if we are willing to listen with an open hearts.