With the busy lives we all lead these days it is easy to lose our grounding and not be fully present in our body.  When we are in a grounded and solid place we can deal with the ups and downs in our lives more easily but when we are not they may take their toll emotionally and physically on us, perhaps draining our energy or leading to stress and poor health.  Often we are drawn consciously and subconsciously to people who are grounded and present as we are sharing their energy for the time we are with them and that often feels good.

For anyone doing healing work of any kind, being grounded acts as our protection and we can only do the best for others when we are in a grounded and peaceful place ourselves.  Therefore, this becomes part of our daily routine just as brushing our teeth or eating breakfast is. Being grounded is something everyone can benefit from, taking time to connect to the earth each and every day whatever our daily schedules include will allow us to reap positive rewards from being more in our physical bodies and being fully aware of the present moment.

Simple Grounding Exercise

If you have a garden, spend a few minutes each morning before you go to work or when you get home or both standing outside and really connecting with the earth beneath your feet, you can imagine roots growing down from the soles of your feet anchoring you and nourishing you with earth energy.  Take some slow deep breathes and feel the present moment.  Alternatively, you can do this in your home, just imagine or visualise your feet touching the earth beneath you rather than your floor.

Tree Meditation

Another way to ground yourself is to sit or stand and again feel your feet firmly on the floor, take several slow deep breathes and imagine you are a tree, close your eyes and visualise your favourite tree or one that comes to mind easily.  Now imagine you are one with that tree, I usually imagine I am an oak tree as I feel a strong connection to the oak.  Visualise the bark on your trunk, see your leaves and imagine how they feel, their vibrant colour, sense your roots growing deep into the earth below you.  Feel your strength knowing that although your leaves and branches may move in the breeze you have a solid presence and are flexible while being connected deeply to the earth energy.  Stay in this energy for five minute or as long as you feel comfortable.  When you have finished take some slow deep breathes and wiggle your toes and slowly open your eyes.  Have a glass of water.

Everyday Grounding

Simply by walking your dog, walking in nature, being in the park with your children, spending time gardening, any other outdoor activity where you are able to feel your connection to the earth helps increase your connection to nature and the energy of the earth.  Intention is a powerful thing and when we intend to have a deeper connection to the earth it immediately becomes possible.